Chiropractic care is proven as an effective method of transforming the health and function of your nervous system and by extension the entire body, without invasive procedures or chemical medication. This holistic approach to whole-body health focuses on the correct alignment of the spine to allow the nervous system to function at an optimal level, which in turn restores the body’s natural healing abilities.

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Through proper spinal adjustment, chiropractic care allows the body the ability to function at its full potential. This allows every member of your family to live at an optimal level of health. This form of care is safe, effective and valuable for patients of any age – whether an infant, an elder, or anywhere in between.

Regular chiropractic care is an effective form of preventative healthcare which can reduce the need for artificial medication, alleviate pain and discomfort from a range of illnesses and ailments, and even increase energy. Dr. Kelsey Pettitt and the Key Potential Chiropractic team want to see you and your entire family live a happy and healthy life.

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Children’s Chiropractic Care

As children age, pediatric chiropractic care can help to establish a firm foundation for continued nervous system function and overall health which encourages optimal growth and development as well as an improved quality of life overall. We undergo stress on our spine at all stages of life, and children engage in heavy play, athletics and physical activity that can easily create spinal misalignments.

With regular chiropractic care like that offered by Dr. Kelsey Pettitt at Key Potential Chiropractic, children are able to maintain ideal spinal alignment regardless of their level of activity. This allows them to maintain optimal nervous system health and can improve sleep, behavior and physical, emotional and mental development. Dr. Kelsey has additional training in pediatrics and has a heart for children suffering from developmental issues such as sensory processing disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and autistic spectrum kiddos. It is crucially important that these children get their Nervous System, the master control system of the body, checked for nerve interference. By removing nerve interference, we can restore the proper communication between the brain and body allowing these kids to function at their key potential. Chiropractic is completely safe and quite effective for maintaining peak health in children.

Senior Chiropractic Care

Principled chiropractic at Key Potential Chiropractic, Waukee, IA

Just like any machine, as we age our body is less able to cope with the years of stress. It degenerates, the cartilage between vertebrae breaks down, especially if the spine has been misaligned for a long time, and nervous system dysfunction can occur. Regular chiropractic care for the elderly can mitigate some of these problems and lead to a longer and healthier life. True principled chiropractic care for the elderly can improve mobility, strength and coordination, allowing seniors to maintain a sense of healthy independence for years.

Senior chiropractic care is designed to focus on longevity and increasing energy through spinal alignment corrections allowing the nervous system to function at peak performance and the body to better heal itself. Through regular care, seniors in the Waukee area can reduce their dependence on prescription medication, increase their energy, and decrease the occurrence of health problems.

Dr. Kelsey Pettitt has one mission: to provide ideal preventative healthcare to people of all ages throughout Waukee, Iowa and the Greater Des Moines Area.