The most commonly practiced healthcare model in the United States is the sick care model. As you may know, here at Key Potential, we do not agree with that model. This option only looks at your body after symptoms of illness are present and then considers how best to treat these symptoms. When one considers that there are thousands of syndromes, diseases, and health issues out there, this creates an equal number of potential complications and problems with treating sickness. At Key Potential Chiropractic, we go deeper to address the problems that may truly be affecting you, looking beyond your pain areas and focusing on your entire body.

Preventative healthcare monitors your nervous system, which controls and coordinates all of the other systems in the body, along with the necessary responses that allow the body to learn, adapt, and constantly maintain its overall health and wellness.

 Preventative Healthcare vs. Sick Care Model

As we stated above, the sick care model does not address your entire body, just your symptoms. This can be extremely detrimental to your overall health, as pain is only part of your body signaling that something is wrong. Everything is connected inside your body, so you could have several different issues that are in completely different parts of your body. It is not sustainable to only treat the pain as it happens.

The preventative healthcare chiropractic model, on the other hand, is entirely natural, non-invasive, doesn’t rely on chemicals, and looks to the root cause of your underlying healthcare issues. At Key Potential Chiropractic, Dr. Kelsey Pettitt is focused entirely on using this model to correct spinal subluxations, allowing your entire nervous system to communicate properly and improve the body’s overall ability to heal itself, adapt to stress, and fix a variety of health conditions by restoring optimal function. You can’t go wrong when you choose our team for your primary healthcare needs.

Preventative healthcare at Key Potential Chiropractic, Waukee, IA

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Chiropractic care can restore your natural healing capabilities and provide increased vitality, energy, optimal function, and overall health. If you’re considering a preventative healthcare approach in Waukee and the Greater Des Moines area, call today to schedule an appointment!