Waukee Chiropractor Dr. Kelsey Pettitt and Wade Pettitt – Office Manager

Dr. Kelsey Pettitt – Chiropractor

Dr. Kelsey grew up in Carroll, Iowa and graduated from Kuemper Catholic High School and she is a proud Alumnus of Iowa State University! Dr. Kelsey first got under chiropractic care while in high school following a sports injury, and chiropractic had a profound impact on not only her health, but also her life’s purpose. The education process associated with the care Dr. Kelsey received highlighted the body’s ability to heal itself naturally by having a properly functioning nervous system.

This natural approach to health care, backed up with the health benefits and improved performance she experienced, led Dr. Kelsey to Davenport, Iowa to pursue her Doctorate in Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic. While in school, Dr. Kelsey and her husband, Wade, gave birth to their daughter in their own home in Davenport, Iowa. Prior to getting pregnant Dr. Kelsey was fascinated with the birth process. Her love for pregnancy and infants only grew during this time, which led her to get additional training in maternity and pediatric adjusting. Dr. Kelsey received her pediatric certification through the ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association) in 2019. The ICPA program is a rigorous 18-month program with an intense focus on preconception and infertility, prenatal, and postnatal care, as well as the care of infants and young children. When Dr. Kelsey is not in the office, you will find her running after her young daughter Brooklyn, spending time with her fourteen nieces and nephews in the Greater Des Moines area, or spending time out on the golf course with her husband, Wade.

Wade Pettitt – Office Manager

Wade also grew up in Carroll, Iowa and attended Carroll High School. He is the fourth oldest of twelve kids. He is a two-time Iowa High School State Golf Champion and continued his career at Indian Hills Community College and Drake University before turning pro in the fall of 2008. Wade played on professional mini-tours all across North America including the Canadian Tour, Gateway Pro Tour, and the Dakota Tour. The golf course, of all places is where he and Dr. Kelsey first met.

Wade was introduced to chiropractic care as a young child, and was lucky enough to experience the health benefits all throughout his life. As a child whenever he or any of his siblings were sick, his mother (bright woman that she is) would first take them to see the chiropractor. Getting adjusted helped boost their immune system and fight off illnesses much quicker! Wade is excited to educate the Waukee and Greater Des Moines area on the numerous benefits of neurologically based chiropractic care.

Brooklyn Pettitt – Junior Intern

Baby Brooklyn

Brooklyn Pettitt was born at her parent’s home in Davenport, Iowa while Dr. Kelsey was attending chiropractic school. She received her first chiropractic adjustment just a few hours after birth. The first few weeks of Brooklyn’s life were tough on both her and her parents. Brooklyn suffered from colic and inconsolable crying early on, and would cry four to eight hours every day. This was extremely difficult for not only her, but her brand new parents as well. Sleep was few and far between, and there were a lot of tears to go around. Thankfully, Dr. Kelsey was in the midst of her International Chiropractic Pediatric Association certification and had the help of expert pediatric chiropractors all around the country. Within just a few weeks, Brooklyn’s body was able to heal and recover naturally. She is now a happy and healthy young lady who will share the biggest smile to all practice members in the office.