Key Potential Chiropractic  specializes in neurologically-based principled chiropractic care. Chiropractic care is a non-invasive, holistic, and all-natural healthcare approach that looks at a person’s well-being in terms of their entire body rather than just the area where symptoms manifest. Your nervous system controls and coordinates all of the cells, tissues, and muscles in your body. It is centered in your spinal cord and any misalignments in the spine can affect the nervous system’s performance. This can greatly reduce your quality of life and potentially cause serious health issues.

Whole Body Health

Our focus is to diagnose, address, and correct these pressures, subluxations, and misalignments of the spine to address underlying issues of dysfunction ranging from the nerves and muscles to organs, tissues, and even cellular problems. Chiropractic care works to actively correct these issues by conducting a complete and thorough analysis and adjustment of the spine. This is essential to restore the incredible natural healing abilities of the human body.

nervous system diagram
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What is Principled Chiropractic?

While all chiropractic care focuses on healing the body through the spine, principled chiropractic is different in that it operates solely on a model designed to maintain and preserve optimal lifelong health. Principled chiropractic doesn’t just seek to correct the current condition and symptoms but to enhance the healing potential of the human body throughout its lifetime.

While most chiropractic methods provide effective temporary relief, true principled correction has lifelong benefits, correcting underlying major causes of ailments rather than simply addressing minor surface problems.

At Key Potential Chiropractic, we believe our society functions too much on a “sick care” model, which treats symptoms after they arise. Dr. Kelsey Pettitt recommends regular preventative care to maintain spinal health for years.

Would you wait until your engine freezes up before changing your oil? Of course you wouldn’t. Even more importantly, would you wait until you’ve got a gum infection before you start brushing your teeth? The same applies to the health of your spine. Never wait for pain or injury—practice routine maintenance on your body instead! The expert team at Key Potential Chiropractic can help you become the most healthy version of yourself.

Chiropractic technique at Key Potential Chiropractic, Waukee, IA

How the Model Works

Chiropractic care was never designed to work on the sick care model by simply addressing current symptoms. Unfortunately, this is how it often works in modern chiropractic offices. When chiropractic care was first introduced and developed over 100 years ago, principled care (the care we follow at Key Potential) was the norm instead of the exception.

Principled care works to identify the underlying causes of health concerns and correct them at the source. Principled care targets these base conditions rather than focusing on the symptoms they cause.

For example, through principled care, Dr. Kelsey Pettitt would look to correct the posture change in the upper neck rather than addressing the resulting pain in the pelvis.

Specialized Principled Care

At Key Potential Chiropractic, we specialize in the analysis, detection, and correction of vertebral subluxations at the source to provide peak performance. Utilizing the most advanced technology and techniques, our primary goal is to optimize the healing potential of the human body and improve your quality of life, not just treat your symptoms.