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Waukee Chiropractor Dr. Kelsey Pettitt

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When it comes to your health, you want someone you can trust. Key Potential Chiropractic is a small family-run chiropractic clinic in Waukee, IA that is dedicated to your overall health. Dr. Kelsey Pettitt believes in treating the root cause of your problem, not just the symptoms. Proper correction of the spinal cord can dramatically improve your health in a number of ways. If you’re ready to get healthy, give us a call today or use our online system to book an appointment online!

Waukee chiropractor Dr. Kelsey Pettitt

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Key Potential Chiropractic is pleased to serve our Waukee, Iowa community through Principled Chiropractic Care!


We detect the root causes of your health concerns instead of masking the symptoms.


Proper correction reduces the interference and irritation to the nervous system and tension on the spinal cord, allowing the body and all of its systems to function optimally.